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Vancouver Locations: COVID-19 Safety Plan

Our Robson and Kitsilano locations in Vancouver B.C. are now able to once again offer dine-in service, and we are following British Columbia protocols for safe operation. Our Safety Plan includes:

Hand Washing and Gargling
Employees are required to wash their hands and gargle at least once every hour. They are also required to wash their hands before each change of task.

Disposable Gloves
Kitchen employees must wear disposable gloves when cooking or packing meals, and change gloves regularly.

Health Checks
Employees are required to have their temperature taken and answer screening questions before starting each work shift. Anyone with a temperature over 38ºC, or anyone that answers ‘yes’ to any screening questions will not be allowed to work.

Maintaining Social Distancing
We will limit the number of employees at all times to maintain social distance. We will also limit the number of customers in the restaurant at any given time.

Restrictions to Party Sizes
Following Province of British Columbia guidelines, we will restrict customer group sizes to six or fewer people.

Shield Installation
Acrylic shields have been placed between tables, counter spaces and in the kitchen area.

Face Masks
Employees will follow guidelines outlining how to wear masks correctly and safely.

Hand Sanitizer
Alcohol hand sanitizer is provided for customers at the entrance and in washrooms. Sanitizer is provided for employees at hand washing areas.

Cleaning Customer-use Items
Items used by customers, such as tables, chairs, and payment machines are cleaned and disinfected between each use.

Cleaning Shared Tools (Servers)
All shared tools (e.g. POS terminals, telephones, sanitizer bottles, etc.) are cleaned every 2 hours.

Cleaning Shared Tools (Kitchen)
All shared equipment and tools (e.g. microwave ovens, noodle machines, refrigerator, etc.) are cleaned every 2 hours.

Cleaning Other Potential Contact Spots
We are performing enhanced cleaning of all frequent touch points, including washrooms, door handles, cabinets, walls, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at our restaurants soon. We continue to also offer take-out and delivery services at all locations.

Take-out is available at our Kitsilano and Robson locations

In-restaurant dining is closed at our Vancouver locations due to the current virus crisis, until further notice.

We are providing take-out orders at both locations during this time. Please visit in person to order, or via phone:

Kitsilano: 778-379-8977

Robson: 604-559-8112