About Us The authentic taste of traditional Fukuoka Tonkotsu Ramen, now in North America

Our Kitsilano and Robson shops in Vancouver, Canada were the Ramen Danbo chain’s first restaurants outside of Japan, and we now welcome you to locations in Seattle and New York as well. Our menu is based around traditional Tonkotsu ramen crafted in the Kyushu Hakata style – one of the most popular types in Japan. While experiencing the authentic taste of Fukuoka, you can also customize your ramen and select delicious toppings to create your own unique style.

Select ingredients and our special standards of quality

Our unique and original signature Tonkotsu soup broth

Our soup broth is boiled at extremely high heat, and made with only the highest quality pork bones and specially treated water. The process extracts both the umami (pleasant savory taste) and vitamins, to create a full-bodied, pure, and creamy Tonkotsu base for our ramen. Our soup is crafted on-site at each of our shops, so is always fresh, with a pleasant, enticing aroma.

Ramen-dare soup base sauce

Our ramen-dare soup base is imported from Japan, made from select natural ingredients, and despite having low sodium, is filled with umami extracts, resulting in a broth you will want to savour to the last drop.

Premium artisan-crafted thin noodles

Kyushu ramen features a unique style of thin noodles, and ours are crafted by long-established artisans. Extensive research and experimentation with water and flour has resulted in a noodle type that perfectly suits our signature soup broth.

Locally-sourced select Yakibuta Chashu pork

Our Yakibuta Chashu pork is slowly simmered in a specially prepared tare sauce, resulting in a depth of flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture that is seldom experienced.

Original recipe spicy tare sauce

Based on Ichimi Togarashi red pepper powder mixed with Chinese spices and medicinal ingredients, this top-secret mixture brings out the flavour, umami, and full-bodied taste of our ramen.

Our History – from our original shop in Fukuoka to over 20 locations across Japan

The original Danbo Ramen shop opened in the year 2000 in the town of Chikushino, located halfway between Hakata (Fukuoka) and Kurume on the southern island of Kyushu, with a unique focus on quality and taste. After placing number one in a TV poll of top ramen shops, from humble beginnings, the single shop became a chain and expanded quickly throughout Kyushu, then all over Japan.

When visiting Japan, be sure to drop into one of more than 20 locations across the country. More info in Japanese here:

Voted #1 among Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation’s Best 20 Kyushu Ramen Shops, 2002

zzz-about-us-03Danbo is proud to have placed number one in a Kyushu TV poll of top ramen shops, coming in
ahead of famous national chains. Drop in today to find out how this great honour was achieved.